Harvest Storage Sheds

Whether you're harvesting hay or grain, having the right storage solution is important. Our fully engineered hay and grain sheds are custom-designed to keep your harvest protected from the elements all-year-round. Make sure you're prepared for harvest season and protect one of your biggest investments, with an ABC Sheds storage solution.

Hay Sheds

ABC Sheds hay shed

When it comes to protecting your hay and investment, ABC Sheds are here to help.

Our hay sheds are designed to keep your hay bales safe from harsh weather conditions. With our unmatched expertise in shed design and construction, we bring reliable storage for all of your hay bales. Other benefits of ABC Sheds hay sheds include:

  • High-quality materials: We use fully galvanised building materials to strengthen the foundation of your hay shed.
  • Moisture protection: Every structure is designed to ensure proper air circulation, and to prevent moisture trap.
  • Flexible bays: We offer different bay sizes to accommodate your hay storage needs. Sizes range from 6 to 16 metres.

Grain Sheds

ABC Sheds grain shed

Using the best materials and tools, we provide quality outdoor storage for your grain harvest.

As well as providing secure storage for your grain, our grain sheds are also versatile enough to store your farm machinery and equipment too! Other benefits of ABC Sheds grain sheds include:

  • Custom-designs: No two farming facilities are the same. We're happy to custom-design a shed that matches your requirements.
  • Grain protection: Our grain sheds will ensure that your harvest is kept safe and dry, no matter the weather.
  • 25-year guarantee: We provide a 25-year guarantee for every shed we supply whether that be for grain, hay, or the horses!

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